Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My first post, who is excited?!

Hello to all!

So, I've decided to give in and create a blogspot account! Mainly because I have been receiving tons of emails lately about editing, lighting, and additional photography techniques and what not. Since this is my first post, I figured I would talk about the lastest special events that have been going on in my life, but I'll try not to bore you too much...I tend to sound like a book! Darn college papers...turning me all..well..BLAHish.

During May, I had the joy of traveling to California for the first time! I had the chance to work with Karen Deputy of the Art Farm (wardrobe stylist), Miss Amy Ripp (model), and Heather Weisman (hair & mua). All of them were a blast to colloborate with!

Our first photoshoot, titled Gold was excellent! Let me just say...Karen has the wardrobe collection of a queen! All of us decided to aim for a high fashion desert sort of shoot...although the california heat was a killer..Amy was a total sweetheart about it, and rocked it! Also, Heather done a fantastic job coming up with an interesting hairstyle to suite this edgy look.

Second Photoshoot, was bascially sort of a high fashion abandoned paradise high fashion-edge sort of shoot, I haven't came up with a title yet, so feel free to leave suggestions :)

Last, but certainly not least...the modern day rapunzel meets fashion-vintage!

I deffintely want to thank everyone who participated in this shoot, Karen, Heather, Amy, Travis, & Deborah! You guys are amazing, and I can not wait to work with you again!

Woo first blog! I will be updating hopefully, once a most of you know I'm a college student, so I have the joy of working a summer job! This year, I have an awesome job though working for a program that basically allows teenagers to get a small taste of the college life, which will hopefully influence their decisions on post secondary education.

I'm teaching elements of modern art, as well as taking care of my personal group, and a few other task! I'm quite excited! I will be working from 7:30 am to 11:00 p.m. on most days, so I will be updating on my day off. So check back every saturday :).

Next week, I will be discussing editing and what not! I'm thinking about selling my own personal textures, actions, and tutorials...for a very reasonable price! Anyone interested in me doing so? Just let me know!

Have a great week everyone,

Alicia C.

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xo_meags said...

I'M EXCITED, haha! sooo i was thinking about the shoot you dont have a name for yet, and with her facial features, hair style, and the woods setting she reminds me of a mythical creature. For some reason i, for the life of me, cannot put my finger on the name. seems like i want to say a pixie?? maybe you can go off of that...maybe. :) so, how have ya been??