Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's get this party started!

Hello Lovely's,

It's Alicia C. signing in...okay well not really, but I have decided to give this whole "blog" thing another chance. As you've seen before, I have tried to blog and really did not receive much feedback so I hoping this time around it will be much more successful.

It's been an amazing year so far, I have the chance to work with some amazing people including America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 runner-up, Laura Kirkpatrick, Miss Kentucky 2009 Maria Montgomery, and Miss Fierce herself, Catherine Jones. Also, as most of you know I won the Student digital photographer of the year for Digital photography magazine 2009. If you
have not had the chance to check it out yet, I highly recommend it there were some amazing images published in this issue also, this particular magazine holds contest monthly if you are interested in entering your images for publication. Today I was informed that I made it into the finalist category for Photography
Forum magazine college student contest, my images will be published in a book this upcoming June, I can not wait!

I believe my next post will include Fan questions, so starting hitting me up my beautiful people! I need at least ten questions, keep is professional is all that I ask I am very excited to hear from all of you. For now I will leave you with a Gustavo Santaolalla song, my favorite musician to listen to while I edit my images. His work reminds me of a whimsical fantasy world, in which I believe inspires me with my conceptual work.

-Alicia C.

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Nicole said...

Photographer of the year!

WOW! Congrats babe!